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Port Arthur plant manager hints at new positions thanks to changes at BASF

BASF Total is working to help minimize plastic waste. The vice president said that could mean more jobs in the community.

PORT ARTHUR, Texas — A Port Arthur petrochemical plant is making a big promise to ‘go green’ by completely eliminating CO2 emissions and minimizing plastic waste in the next few decades. The company is hoping the changes will create more jobs. 

BASF's manager said the facility will work to get emissions down by 25% by 2030. After that, the goal is to get emissions to net zero by 2050. 

At the company's Port Arthur site, a "steam cracker transforms crude oil and natural gas into chemical building blocks" that go into the production of consumer goods according to BASF's website. 

At the Contractors Business Development Group meeting on Wednesday, the vice president and plant manager of BASF Total spoke about the company's future. 

The plant manager confirmed the company has pledged to find solutions that will minimize and manage plastic waste.     

"I think it's an opportunity for us to take care of the plastic waste issue. It’s basically a global issue for us," plant manager John Lycan said. "It makes an opportunity for Southeast Texans that will create work and jobs and we can process this material through our plant." 

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The event was held by the Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce. 

The development group meets the second Wednesday of every month.  

"The Port Arthur site is one of the world’s largest steam crackers, representing a $1.5 billion investment by BASF Corporation and Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA, Inc.," according to the company's website. "The steam cracker transforms crude oil and natural gas into chemical building blocks for many consumer and industrial goods. Our C4 Olefins Complex houses one of the world's largest butadiene extraction facility and an indirect alkylation unit."

Credit: BASF.com
BASF in Port Arthur is making some changes, and the company hopes to create more jobs for the area.

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