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Linde hosts vendor, contractor fair for its' clean hydrogen plant coming to Beaumont

The job fair hosted by Linde Thursday allowed Southeast Texas-based companies to explain why they are the best fit to support the company's needs.

BEAUMONT, Texas — A global industrial gas and engineering company who plans to build, own, and operate an on-site complex in Beaumont hosted a job fair to seek vendors and contractors. 

Linde's on-site complex will help hydrogen production with carbon capture, plus a large air separation plant that will produce nitrogen. 

Company officials announced in April that it signed a long-term agreement with ExxonMobil for the off-take of carbon dioxide associated with their new clean hydrogen production in Beaumont.

On Thursday, Linde is hosted a vendor and contractor fair at the Downtown Event Centre.

The fair provided an opportunity for Linde to meet contractors, share the types of crafts needed to construct and operate the plant and for contractors learn about supplier qualification, according to a news release from Linde. 

Jared Mozley of S&S Sprinklers focused on networking during the event. 

"We know that workforce is a huge thing so we have a lot of projects going on right now in our area. So, they knew they needed to do something different possibly to meet people to start those relationships and get the workforce they need," he said. 

Plant Manager Jacob Keeling explains how this new facility will impact everyday families.

"Really clean production of the things you are already used to, whether it's plastics of petroleum right. The carbon emission will be significantly less," Keeling said. 

The fair allowed Southeast Texas-based companies explain why they are the best fit to support the company's needs. 

Industry Marketer Bonnie McMillen Rivea is excited for the opportunity.

"It's amazing, especially with what's going on in the industry sector right now. Tt's just there are so many projects going on right now, even in the billions of dollars, so I think it is wonderful they are here," Rivea said. 

This new technology is allowing more jobs to be brought to the area. 

"So, for construction we are looking at, 1,200 people right.  We will need to actually put everything in and get it installed or get it running or more than 30 full-time jobs afterwards," Keeling said. 

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“Clean hydrogen is a key enabler of industry’s transition to a low-carbon economy,” Dan Yankowski, Senior Vice President for Americas, Linde, previously said in a news release. “Working with ExxonMobil as the carbon dioxide off-taker at our Beaumont project supports Linde’s strategy to decarbonize customer processes while safely and reliably supplying low-carbon hydrogen at scale.”

OCI officials plan to build a 1.1 million ton per annum blue ammonia project in Beaumont. Blue ammonia is produced from hydrogen derived from natural gas where the CO2 by-product is captured and sequestered, according to an OCI release.

The facility will use the gulf to serve the US market and export clean ammonia as a hydrogen carrier to hydrogen-deficit markets around the world, such as Europe and Asia.

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OCI's expansion efforts could bring plenty of jobs and a slew of potential partnerships to Southeast Texas. The company hosted a contractor job fair in 2022 to get a jump start on hiring 

Linde’s new facility is expected to start up in 2025 and will be integrated into their extensive U.S. Gulf Coast industrial gas infrastructure. The facility will supply clean hydrogen to other new and existing off-takers across the network.

ExxonMobil will transport and permanently store up to 2.2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year from Linde’s hydrogen production facility under the terms of the agreement. That is equivalent to the emissions from nearly half a million cars per year.

“ExxonMobil’s agreement with Linde underscores our growing momentum in providing industrial customers with large-scale solutions to sequester carbon dioxide emissions,” Dan Ammann, President of ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions, said. “Linde’s Beaumont clean hydrogen project is another significant step towards achieving heavy industry’s decarbonization and net zero goals.”

Construction of this facility is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2023. 

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