CAMERON PARISH, La. — A Cameron Parish liquefied natural gas producer is celebrating a milestone Tuesday.

Cheniere Energy's Sabine Pass LNG Terminal, located on the Louisiana side of the Sabine River, is celebrating its shipment of 1,000 cargoes of LNG from the Gulf Coast facilities according to a release from the company.

Shipments began nearly four years ago in February 2016 making Cheniere the fastest LNG producer to reach the 1000 shipment milestone according to the company.

Cheniere is celebrating its achievement at both of its Gulf Coast locations.

The company also runs a facility in Corpus Christi which opened in November 2018 and is celebrating its 100th shipment sing beginning operation according to the release.

The company’s Sabine Pass facility is located on more than 1,000 acres in Cameron Parish, Louisiana according to its website.

The terminal there can load or unload two vessels at the same time at its two docks on the Sabine River Navigation Channel the site says.

To put 1000 cargoes into perspective, President and CEO Jack Fusco says it's enough to power all 1.7 million homes in Louisiana for 18 years. 

"We're setting the bar high for all LNG producers in the world," Fusco said. 

LNG is natural gas in liquid form. It's produced through a refrigeration process that drops the temperature of natural gas down to negative 260 degrees, according to Fusco. At that point it becomes a liquid, and shirts it's volume by 600 times. 

"Today we bought six billion cubic-feet of natural gas from 70 different producers, we transported it on 25 different pipelines, we clean it, we liquefy it," explained Fusco. 

As a liquid, natural gas is much more economical to ship, according to Fusco. Most of their cargoes go to Asia. When the LNG gets to it's destination, Fusco says it's used for cooking, industrial use, home heating, or power generation. 

Part of Cheniere's mission is to provide clean air for all of the world, according to Fusco. 

"Our 1000 cargoes reduced the amount of C02 or displaced almost 50 million tons of C02 that would have been displaced, had the world used coal fire powered generation," Fusco said. 

On top of being more environmental friendly, Fusco says their goal is to improve the economy  here in America. 

"We create American jobs, and we buy all of our product from America, we build it here in America, and we send it out around the world, so we export everything we make," Fusco said.

From a Cheniere news release…

On Tuesday, January 28, Cheniere will celebrate safely and reliably producing and shipping its first 1,000 cargoes of LNG since it began shipments in February of 2016, making Cheniere the fastest producer in history to reach the 1,000 LNG cargo milestone. 

Cheniere will mark the occasion at both of its Gulf Coast facilities, and provide a vessel tour to media at its Sabine Pass LNG facility in Cameron, LA. 

At its Corpus Christi facility, Cheniere will also be marking its 100th cargo since that facility began operations in November 2018.

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