PORT NECHES — Just a couple of days before July 4th, seeing "Old Glory" all across Southeast Texas is a common sight, but there is controversy brewing over a group of flags posted along Nall Street in Port Neches.

The flags were put there by a business owner, and now TXDOT is requesting the flags be removed after someone complained.

"We put the flags up just because it's patriotic. We love our country and we give away flags every year at 4th of July," said Summer Johnson of Summer's Abby Flooring Center.

Johnson said that the company has been placing flags on Nall Street near the business every year for 6 years, but this year is the first time anyone has complained.

"TXDOT came in and said that they received a complaint and that we needed to take the flags down," she said.

But apparently the business does not have take them down from the entire businesses property. TXDOT spokesperson Sarah Dupre told 12News in a statement that the flags were posted in the state right-of-way which is prohibited due to safety issues.

"Our employee asked the business to remove the flags from the median and to move the flags off the state right-of-way and onto the business's property," said Dupre.

"I wish they would have made a complaint directly to us so that maybe we could have worked something out," Johnson said. "If there was something in particular that was bothering them, I mean, there was a lot of things we could have done instead of just taking them away."

Many citizens are showing support for Johnson and the flags. A post on the business's Facebook page has more than 400 shares and 200 comments.

Chuck Cincent is one of those supporters.

"We need things like this. We need people to stand up and be accountable for America again. And it starts right here in your own community people. In your own community is where it starts. Make the difference now," Cincent said.

Johnson said she doesn't know what will be done with the flags, but they will still continue to give away the American flags through July 4th.