Reverend Van Jordan from First Sixth Baptist Church in Port Arthur is heartbroken following the deaths of Ashley Pickering and her five children.

The family of six died in a house fire early Wednesday morning.

The former mortician felt it was his duty to donate all six caskets to the family. “I’ve been around funerals all my life and this is who I am. I try my best to give back.” He said.

Rev. Jordan said he spoke to the father of the children over the phone who told him he was grateful for the donation.

“I can only imagine losing all your children at one time. Perhaps what I see and as I spoke to him today, he cried a lot, which is understandable.” Jordan said.

The reverend sells caskets out of Houston and explains six of them can cost up to $8,000 dollars.

As a father of three, he is asking the rest of the Southeast Texas community to gather in prayer for the family of six, gone too soon.

“I would say this, words of encouragement to the family and community itself, please join in prayer because prayer changes things and prayers heal people.”

Funeral arrangements have not been set for the family.