PORT ARTHUR — The finger-pointing continues in Port Arthur nearly a year after Harvey devastated the city. A group called "Unite Port Arthur" hosted a discussion Thursday night at the Bob Bowers Civic Center.

Homeowners heard from representatives from the city, county and Drainage District 7.

Last week, we told you about one of the options being considered. City council members want to use grant money to build three retention ponds -- including one along Jimmy Johnson Boulevard.

Civil engineer Ron Arceneaux has worked with the city for years. He calls the discussion productive. "Harvey happened. It could happen again -- this year or next year, and we have to have the infrastructure in place to protect our industries, our businesses, our residences."

Arceneaux and his firm, Arceneaux Wilson & Cole, are helping the city apply for a grant to revise its master drainage plan which dates to the sixties.

"The system has worked beautifully over the years, but the 60 inch rainfall was just something that the system simply could not perform as people were used to," Arceneaux explained.

He says, as disastrous as Harvey was, the storm brought leaders together. "The cooperation between all of the municipalities within the drainage district and the drainage district itself has certainly come together."