A pothole problem is causing a concern among several people in Port Arthur to the extent of placing their own signs to warn others from tearing up their cars.

"People that don't live around here hit this pot hole so hard that it bents their rims," says Johnny Saavedra, who lives just 50 ft away from the pothole.

Saavedra says he is furious because the pothole measures almost 6 feet wide.

The hole is on the 1300 block of 11th avenue in Port Arthur.

"I have kids that play outside my house and I don't want anyone to lose control, hit this pothole, break their rims and end up in my house," Saavedra says.

The massive pothole stretches across the entire street, is about a foot deep, and a drivers say it's a major inconvenience to those living in the area.

"It makes me feel unsafe because someone can be driving over it and cause a major accident," says Jose Torres, who drives down the road about every day.

The city says they need to be notified to get it fixed but it's something residents along this street say they did long ago.

If you live in Port Arthur, CLICK HERE to report a street pothole.

"i called 3 months ago and even Friday last week," Saavedra says.

Spokesperson with the city says anyone can report issues like this by going to the cities website.

"i know we have inspectors so lets get the city to take action and get them out here," Saavedra says.

It's a hopeful first step on the road to recovery.

"Go through the whole city and not just fix this one, because they're everywhere," he says.

He hopes the pothole problem is resolved once and for all.