Port Arthur native, Ashely Gordon lives about five miles away from the floodwall on Highway 87. She’s been tracking the repair process for the last two weeks.

With the threat of Harvey, her floodwall worries are now even more serious.

“Now that we have a threat that is imminent, my apprehensions are a little bit higher before because I don’t feel like we are far enough along the timeline of putting barriers up for me to feel a little bit safer.” She said.

Earlier this week, crews began to prepare 1,200 of super sack sandbags for the floodwall.

On Wednesday, they were placed in preparation of the storm.

However, Gordon believes the rain heading our direction could cause problems in Port Arthur.

“Even if it just rains one day for a couple of hours, if it’s raining consistently, by the end of the hour, our ditches are flooded!” Gordon said.

City of Port Arthur officials and emergency management will conduct a press briefing on Thursday afternoon to discuss measures being undertaken by the city in response to the impending weather system.