12News has obtained a copy of a document sent to the interim city manager of Port Arthur by the Port Arthur Police Association in response the police chief's response to last year's no-confidence vote.

In the 42-page document, the association raises a number of issues concerning the police chief's management of the department during Tropical Storm Harvey as well as how he has handled staff turnover since he took over the department in September 2016.

Many of the association's issues focus on the department's leadership during Tropical Storm Harvey.

Melvin said in his response to the no-confidence vote that no jurisdiction could’ve prepared for what rainfall came from Harvey.

The association says Chief Melvin had no preparedness, response or recovery plan at all ahead of the storm.

They claim his staff never considered increasing staffing or going to 12-hour emergency shifts until a lieutenant made the call to do so.

The association says it was complete chaos during and after Harvey.

In part of the letter, an officer eligible for retirement said he did not like the direction the chief was taking the police department.

The association believes Chief Melvin sent a clear message that anyone with experience did not matter.

The police association also claims that Chief Melvin's process for promoting officers did not result in the best leaders of the department.

Allegedly, SWAT Team morale declined and continued to do so after Melvin allegedly told the team in a meeting that "SWAT Teams kill people."

In their rebuttal, the association says the swat team has not used deadly force on a citizen in its 30-year existence.

In response to the lack of leadership during Harvey alleged by police, Chief Melvin stated he never left the city and that he had an emergency staffing schedule prepared ahead of the storm.

Melvin also says that no formal complaints were made about turnovers in the department. Some of them were due to officers retiring, taking different jobs and internal investigations.

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12News has reached out to Chief Patrick Melvin for response but has not heard from him yet.