BEAUMONT, Texas — If you're one of the people who hates it when a story isn't quite finished you're bummed by the story of Port Arthur's DeAndre Nico. 

He has unfinished business.

Southeast Texans were fascinated with his rise on The Voice, and some were embittered when Nico was eliminated in the top ten.

His coach, Maroon 5's Adam Levine, backed teenager Reagan Strange after pledging to take Nico to the finale only a week earlier.

Is our hometown hero a little annoyed by that?

12News Anchor Kevin Steele asked Nico exactly that recently.

Kevin: Any hard feelings? 

DeAndre: No, no, no. No hard feelings man. I love each and every person that was on The Voice. I even love my coach. Even though, whatever happened. It really doesn't even matter. 

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Kevin: Tell us what really happened with this thing. Did you know in advance that Adam Levine would make the choice that he made? 

DeAndre: No, I really didn't. I didn't at all. As you can see in my face I was like what the heck is going on? I was waiting for a change but, all is well.

Kevin: Did you get any sense from around the experience that it was a gimmick of sorts? That he did it for the ratings of the show?

DeAndre: No. He did it because he... that is just how he felt. I'ma tell you this about The Voice. One thing that a lot of people feel that it is, is politics. Which it may be. I don't know. I don't know nothing about that. I know it's a lot of emotions. I can say that. It's a lot of emotions. You have a lot on your back as a coach. 

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DeAndre: The conversation that we had was right after the situation when he was trying to just cover his butt and tell me he wanted this and that. Man, hey can we have this? Can we talk on social media? Can we just get people off my back? It was just stuff like that, but I'm like no dude you're trippin'. You didn't think about what you said before you said it. 

Kevin: Did you use those words? You said dude you're trippin'?

DeAndre: I said some other stuff, I won't say what I said. 

Kevin: Oh, come on!

DeAndre: No, I can't say it man. I can't say it.

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Kevin: But you were upset?

DeAndre: I was upset, but I didn't disrespect him. I had to make it even. 'I had to make it fair.' That's what he said. I was like, okay, alright. And I just...I just left the conversation alone. And when I see him for the finale, he came up to me - I was trying to avoid everything. I was trying to avoid eye contact. I don't wanna look at you. I don't want none of that extra stuff. Because I don't want you to feel awkward. I don't wanna feel awkward cause you still haven't apologized about what you did. And you know, you were wrong.

Kevin: He never did apologize?

DeAndre: I mean, yeah, yeah he did. That night. He came up to me and as I was walking off the stage he jumped on the stage and he grabbed me. And he said 'hey man, I know I messed up, dude. Uh, my fault man. I was just trying to make the right choice and try to make it even and I apologize for what I said.' And I said, okay... it's cool. 'So you forgive me?' I said 'yeah man. I never did hold anything against you.' 

Kevin: Where does that come from?

DeAndre: The heart I have, man, is... it's beyond grudges. I try to be like Christ. And that's all, is just, I just try to strive to be like Jesus.