PORT ARTHUR, Texas — Port Arthur's new mayor Thurman Bartie is making a last-minute pitch to keep Mardi Gras of Southeast Texas in his city.

Organizers have met with the city of Beaumont and have even discussed a proposal to move the event downtown.

Yet, the deal is far from done according to Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames.

“The council did pass a resolution to allow us to continue to look at this, but they do still have an agreement with Port Arthur until the end of the month." said Ames. "So we want be entering into anything with them until that is over.”

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Procter Street has been a longtime home for Mardi Gras of Southeast Texas in downtown Port Arthur.

Mayor Bartie told 12News on Thursday he is hoping Mardi Gras organizers consider staying.

He said "Don't leave home, Port Arthur is your home."

Mayor Bartie says he understands the event has seen a drop in revenue, but believes that can be changed with a new business model.

Mayor Bartie has been in talks with the organizers of Mardi Gras of Southeast Texas.

He said "We met for about an hour and a half two weeks ago, discussing different aspects of Mardi Gras."

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The event's contract with the city of Port Arthur ends on July 31.

Organizers have been looking for a new home since March 2019 after noticing a decrease in profits.

Mayor Bartie said that can be fixed with a new business model.

He said "The way that they conduct the business needs to be reconsidered, it needs to be re-thought."

Mayor Bartie expected a call back from organizers by now, but anticipates they'll wait until their contract expires.

12News reached out to Mardi Gras of Southeast Texas organizers, but didn't hear back.

Mayor Ames says the city of Beaumont is not looking to steal the event away.

“We’re not trying to steal this away but we don’t want it to leave the area and we want it to be viable," said Mayor Ames. "It does give to a lot of non profits and we want it succeed and I think everyone in the area does.”

12News reached out to Mardi Gras of Southeast Texas organizers, but didn't hear back.

It's unclear at this point where Mardi Gras will be held in 2020.