A Port Arthur family is agonizing after their son who suffered with schizophrenia died after a scuffle with Port Arthur Police officers.

The incident happened last week at the Medical Center of Southeast Texas.

The family of Manual Delacruz is asking for answers and planning a vigil.

Olga Benavides, Mother of 26 year old can't find relief from her pain.

Her son had struggled in his short life with mental illness.

That all ended just over a week ago when Delacruz died at the hospital after scuffling with Port Arthur Police officers.

The mother says her husband took him to the hospital searching for help with his mental illness.

The family says their son was tased, then suffered a fatal heart attack.

Despite immediate procedures, medical personnel could not save Delacruz.

His father Marco Antonio Delacruz says “Manuel was already handcuffed, and the police officers where still struggling with him.” He says that as soon as the crowd of officers opened up, he could see them beating his son.

Police are not confirming that account at this time, but tell 12news they may be able to disclose more soon.

For now this family is left with the memories, medals and trophies of their son's past, Manuel’s boxing accomplishments.

The father says that the only way this will stop is if police officers are monitored and get sent to jail, to pay for what they did to his son.

Right now the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office is investigating whether officers did anything wrong.

The family says a vigil will be held Sunday to shed light on mental health issues.

In the meantime, they are asking for clarity from the Port Arthur Police Department.