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106 companies flood the Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce's 4th annual industry trade fair

Deals closed, jobs offered, and key connections made were signs of progress in Port Arthur.

BEAUMONT, Texas — Industries across the Golden Triangle came out and made new connections Wednesday at the Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce's fourth annual industry networking event.

Deals closed, jobs offered, and key connections made were  signs of progress in Port Arthur.

Chamber president Pat Avery and her team turned the Bob Bowers Civic Center into a networking event. They created a space for contractors to meet industry leaders.

“It gives new companies an opportunity to showcase what they have and what they can offer to the industry. It gives contractors themselves the opportunity to work together,” Avery said.

The room was filled with 106 different companies.

“Oh, my goodness, we have a general construction. We have specific construction type, specialty companies. We have medical facilities. We have transportation companies,” Avery said.

One of those companies was echo.
Jim Patrick, a sales manager with the company, said he was thrilled to be a part of it.

“This type of event here in our own backyard is really a great opportunity,” Patrick said. “The attendance has been outstanding here this year.”

Avery said 500 people registered for the networking event. Some people even drove all the way from Houston.

“I'd heard this was very specific to what we do. And there were a lot of customers here,” said Ron Pribby a director of sales for PCI.

The company focuses on scaffolding. He said no matter how many people he connected with, it wasn't an opportunity he was willing to pass up.

“We find that we usually out of 20 people we meet, we'll probably just get one job but that makes it worthwhile,” Pribby said.

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