Police in Pinehurst are warning residents about a scam that's targeting senior citizens over the phone. Chief Fred Hanauer tells 12News the latest victim to fall for the scam was 86-years-old.

The man received a phone call from someone pretending to be a family member who was in jail and in need of bail money. "They appeal to the grandparent by saying they've been in an accident or maybe they are in jail or they need money for bail." Said Hanauer.

The victim then sent money through Moneygram and lost $1,100 dollars.

The phone call came from thousands of miles away tracing back to the Dominican Republic. For 70-year-old Linda Smith, she says she will keep her eyes and ears open after learning about the fraud.

"I've received other scams and get very upset and I keep telling them no and then I hang up." Smith said.

Police say these scams can be avoided by following a few steps such as asking questions only a family member would know and also do not give out any personal information over the phone without confirmation.