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Police provide survival tips to use if caught in active shooter situation

This kind of information would be critical if you're ever caught in a crossfire.

BEAUMONT, Texas — Law enforcement officers in Southeast Texas are taking proactive steps to help others arm themselves with the knowledge to survive an active shooter situation in wake of recent mass shootings in Boulder, Colorado and Atlanta, Georgia.

This kind of information would be critical if you're ever caught in a crossfire.  While we hope that's never the case, police say it's always important to be aware.

Having a plan and sticking to that plan is the best form of defense when encountering an active shooter situation, according to Sergeant Cody Guedry with the Beaumont Police Department.

"Prepare now. Be ready. And it's unfortunate, but that's what you have to do now," Guedry said.

Simple advice that could save your life. Guedry said the odds are in your favor if you have a plan and know what to do when encountering an active shooter situation.

"Through research and past incidents, we've realized that people that have thought about it and have a plan, somewhat of a plan, they're the ones that come out on top," Guedry said.

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This means knowing your escape plan, such as locating the doors in a grocery or movie theater.

"Run, hide, or lock. And then ultimately is fight," Guedry said.

According to Guedry, those are your best options if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. And while some might want to be a hero, he said you have to look out for yourself first.

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“You gotta think what's important,” Guedry said. “It's your life, you know, and the will to survive is really, really strong."

Guedry said he believes some mass shootings over the years could've been prevented if someone would've only spoken up.

"There's a lot of information of tell-tale signs that this suspect was on this direction, was going to do this, and yet no one said anything," Guedry said.

Guedry said if you see someone acting suspicious or hear someone making a casual remark that seems threatening, you need to call police. It could save your life and others.

"If you feel like that, or you know someone that has that potential and that's what you think they're planning, please let us know, you know, that's the noble and the right thing to do," Guedry said.

Guedry said Beaumont Police offers on site active shooter training to places like businesses and churches.

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