Police Chief Paul Lemoine says it appears a 64-year-old man was shot by a woman, 60, in the Ridgewood Apartment Homes on Ridgewood Drive.

The male victim was identified as Robert Curtis Evans,64, according to a press release. Evans' wife is identified as Cheryl Ann Evans, 60.

Lemoine says they were called to the apartment at about noon Sunday by the son of the victim. Police say the son was in Arkansas and had been trying to reach his father for a few days.

The apartment manager, Johnna Claxton said she was friends with the couple. She said they moved into their apartment six years ago and seemed very happy but she believes they were also struggling with financial issues.

"All I keep asking is why she didn’t talk to me because people talk to me if they have an issue or a problem," said Claxton.

Claxton explains the couple kept to themselves and would stay in their apartment for days without leaving.

They were sweet, they loved each other very much one didn't breath without the other basically," said Claxton

She said she was surprised when the Port Neches Police officers asked her to unlock the couple’s apartment door on Sunday afternoon.

Police responded to the apartment where they found the husband in the bed dead. Cheryl was found on the ground besides the bed next to a .38 revolver.

"I was in shock, I am still in shock but when they couldn’t get in the door and the police started walking out I said suicide right?” said Claxton

Lemoine says their preliminary investigation shows the woman shot the man and then herself. He says the shooting apparently happened at least a day earlier.

Officers found a note at the scene but did not release what was written.

Claxton said she believes Robert was not working for a while because he was injured at his job. She said his wife, Cheryl recently stopped taking her pain medication which could have led up to this incident.

“I think the stress of finances and medications, not being able to afford it caused this,” said Claxton.

Authorities have scheduled an autopsy for Wednesday morning.

The Port Neches Police Department said officers never responded to domestic disturbance calls at the couple's apartment complex.