An 11-year-old boy from Vidor is recovering after he was bitten by the same Pitbull for the third time this year.

His mother, Michelle Watts said he was taken to the hospital so he could get several stitches on the back of his leg.

“If people could have saw what he had to go through in the hospital to get the stitches cleaned up, that’s heartbreaking just because someone couldn’t put their dog up,” said Watts.

Her son, Tyler Watts, was attacked by the pitbull when he was riding his bike down the street. Tyler Watt’s said the dog knocked him off his bike then dragged him by the leg to the owner’s yard at the intersection of Ruth place and Willow Bend drive.

“If this bite was on his neck this would have been a different story we’d be talking about the death of a child instead of a dog bite,” said Watts.

The dog attacked him 11 days ago but his mother said the wounds are still deep in his leg. Michelle Watts said she was very forgiving the first time her kid was bitten by the dog and spoke with the owner about the incident.

She said the owner promised her the dog would never get loose again. However, after her kid was bitten again she was extremely angry.

"There are other children riding around in bicycles and now they can't even go on the road to play because they are afraid of the dogs," said Watts.

Janois Strause with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said the dog is currently quarantined at a vet clinic.

She said the pitbull’s owner has been issued a citation in the past and is receiving another one for this incident.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office wants the public to call deputies immediately if they are bitten by a dog. Sergeant Strause said it’s important to call when the animal is outside so deputies can locate the dog. Deputies also suggest that you take a video or picture of the animal.