The pentagon's report argues that the requirement for universal registration of Selective Service would place men and women on equal footing. It also argues that requiring women to register for the draft would signal to our allies and potential enemies -- an enhanced resolve to defend our nation and its partners.If Congress and the President were to authorize the registration of women -- it would add 11-million to the S-S-S database.

A member of the N-J-R-O-T-C at Memorial High School says the decision would be tough to make.

"Having women to do it, its like difficult, especially because they have kids."

For Barbara Minard, the Pentagon's report, hits close to home. Minard has twin daughters who are draft eligible age, and believes it should be a choice to joined the armed forces.

"If they choose to make it a career, I think it is a wonderful choice, however I feel that a lot of women a more important purpose by nurturing and taking care of the children here. The chemical makeup again for men and women is totally different. Some women can stand the pressure of being enlisted into the military and some women may not be built for that particular role."

Last November congress shot down a proposal for mandatory registration for women to the S.S.S. As of now women may serve voluntarily in the U.S. armed forces.