7th grader Landen Thomas showed his injuries on his left leg on Sunday after he said he was hit by a car on Friday morning.

Landen explained he was walking to Bridge City Middle School on Bower Drive when he was struck.

“She pulled over, picked me up, put me in her back seat of her car.” Said Landen.

The 12-year-old said he was taken inside the school and was checked by the school nurse.

His parents, Conan Thomas and Lisha Ellis, say they were furious to hear that procedures were not properly done following the incident.

“I feel that the investigation wasn’t done professionally. My son was questioned right after he got hit by a car instead of being put in an ambulance to go to the hospital.” Thomas said.

Landen told 12News he looked both ways before he tried to cross the street and has been walking to school for over a year.

“I remember the impact but not a lot after it. Like it just felt like the car hit me, like I was being shoved.” Landen explained.

Thomas said he was so upset, he posted about the incident on social media on Friday and as word went around, fingers were being pointed at Landen.

The post was later deleted.

“The driver...I am very certain she didn’t mean to run over my son, I do however feel that she shouldn’t had moved my son from where she hit him to school. Even if she had the best interest in mind!” Thomas said.

Both parents are now urging for school zone safety as far as crosswalks and sidewalks in front of the campus following their son’s scary car accident.

12News reached out to Bridge City Middle School, Bridge City ISD Police and Bridge City Police Departments about the incident.