Friday night lights are right around the corner, and paramedics are on alert.

“There is as many as 30 to 35 extra employees on duty every Friday to cover Friday night lights,” said Jon Clingaman, with Acadian Ambulance Service

Clingaman has been on emergency football games in South East Texas for over 10 years now. He has seen it all out on the field.

“We have seen anything from heat exhaustion, to heat cramps,” said Clingaman. “To people being unconscious from head injuries, concussions. People having cardiac events in the stands. Our crew members have to be prepared for just about any medical emergency that may happen.”

But it’s left up to the school’s athletic directors to make sure an ambulance is on hand. Beaumont ISD Athletic Director, Ron Jackson is has this responsibility for all three Beaumont high schools.

“It’s a challenge but you have to make sure your pre plan,” said Jackson. “And you make sure you monitor and you make sure you plan in advance and be ready for things that may arise. Because you have a number of football games per week. Not only at the varsity level but at the sub varsity level as well.”

Believe it or not, some games are requested to be worked more than others.

“The Mid County Madness game this year,” said Clingaman. “We already have four crew members signed up to work that game.”