Two Vidor families having trouble replacing their daughter's wheelchairs after Harvey no longer have to worry.

Savannah Morris, as well as another Vidor ISD student, had brand new wheelchairs delivered to them Tuesday morning at Vidor High School on behalf of the school and an anonymous donor.

Morris says the response after sharing her her story on 12News has been overwhelming.

An anonymous donor stepped forward and provided most of the funds and the district provided the rest.

"The response from the first newscast... It really opened my eyes to see that people actually do still care and it gave me hope in the world because if you think about it, not a lot of people think about these things especially when other things are going," Morris told 12News.

"People took time out from rebuilding from the storm to think about me and my best friend and it means a lot."

Now Morris says she no longer has to worry about being late for class.