NEW ORLEANS — An alligator in Louisiana is not uncommon, but the Bayou St. John neighborhood is now concerned after an approximately 4-foot gator was spotted in the water.

The gator was lurking among the ducks, turtles and fish.

“It’s kinda scary because we have the Boogaloo Fest every year and I’ve seen kids playing in the water,” said Shelitta Gatlin, who lives in the area.

The gator was spotted in a cellphone video. Some people have expressed concerns, but others are more curious and intrigued.

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“I’ve lived on the bayou my entire life, and I love the nature here and I’m glad that nature is able to live here and sustain,” said Sophie Rabalais.

Others said that while they welcome the gators, they hope they don’t get too comfortable.

“I feel like they need to stay on their side, we need to stay on our side and just leave them alone – let them be.”

And leaving them be means not having people feed them.

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