Going door-to-door is World Renew Disaster Response Services' specialty.

For Nancy and Norm Hoekstra, this is their first time.

"We've heard about this organization, the World Renew organization since we were little, so it's kind of connected with our church, it's in our blood," said Nancy.

World Renew is working in connection with Hardin County Strong for a ten-day, door-to-door campaign.

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The group will go to areas that were impacted the most by Harvey.

Volunteers like Nancy and Norm will conduct surveys to see what is needed the most.

"Oh, I think it's extremely important that we all kind of work together, that nobody is left out, but that we can support each other," said Nancy.

Needs Assessment Site Manager, Jerry Brouwer, says this is what the organization is about.

They want to help others bounce back.

"Well, we're faith-based, and we look upon it as our calling to help heal the world in Christ's name," said Brouwer. Over the course of the ten days, they will go to 850 doors to offer their help.

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Norm and Nancy they simply want to show neighbors they are there for them.

They want them to know they have a shoulder to lean on.

"We also want to support them," said Hoekstra.