Every year for 18 years Tina Bergeron has received packages all the way from Colorado from her mother and grandmother at Christmas. Every year, everything inside those packages has arrived on time and unharmed. Every year until this year that is.

“This year we got our packages, and one had been torn open, and stuff was taken out of it,” said Bergeron. “They taped it back up and sent it back (to me).”

Someone had torn through one of the packages, looking for anything of value and sent the remains to Bergeron and her family. Stealing an epilepsy awareness ring meant for Bergeron’s daughter.

“You know they (Bergeron’s mother and grandmother) were waiting to hear Christmas morning, how excited she was to get the ring,” said Bergeron.

Bergeron says she has heard little from the post office, but filed a case. And she believes there is little the post office will be able to do because her packages were uninsured, saying it was too expensive for her family to insure them and that they have never had a problem in the past. Bergeron says she just wants to warn people who may be sending packages this holiday season.

“I just want people to be aware of what’s going on,” said Bergeron. “I mean there are people that are displaced, they aren’t even in homes, and I mean that could have been the only thing they are getting for Christmas that was coming in and you got people stealing.”

The United States Postal Service has Bergeron’s case but did not comment any further on the matter. Captain Robert Enmon with the Orange Police Department says that while there were reports of packages being stolen off people's porches earlier in the year, there have been no reports of stolen items this holiday season.