It's a pothole problem for neighbors living down Dempsey Drive in Orange. Hundreds of potholes on the road. Residents tell 12News you can't go over 4mph or it could cause mayjor damage to the front end of your vehicle. And say it almost impassable for a car to go down. Adding that when it rains you can't see the potholes at all and a "take your chances" kind of drive.

For Brenda Lund, the front end of her vehicle is damaged and she is asking the city to pay for those damages.

Robert Jenkins has lived on Dempsey Drive for about 20 years and says this is the worst he has seen the street and wants to know when the city is going to fix the issue.

"Why can't they just come and fill the potholes for now. They say they are going to put in a new road, but we need to have something done now."

12News reached out to Orange Mayor Jimmy Sims. He tells us the city is aware of the situation and for residents to be patient. They are waiting for funding from Grants and Fema. Sims says he will go out to the neighborhood next week and speak with neighbors about the problem.