ORANGE, Texas — A man from Orange is using his singing ability to bring his community together.

Dono Lewis is using music as a platform to bring awareness to gun violence and crime in the city.

Born and raised in Orange, Lewis began writing lyrics when he was a kid.

He just released a song called "Unity," which symbolizes the struggles people in his hometown have faced.

"I wrote it from the heart, it wasn't anything I had to put any thought into or nothing like that," Lewis said. "Everybody has got something they are dealing with, and with the hurt in our city I figured I would lay something down and touch the people."

Using his childhood experiences as well as seeing the sadness at times within Orange, has drove him to inspire change. 

"Just coming up in the type of environment we come up in, I just always wanted to do something different and something positive with my talents," he said. 

He has created multiple music videos on his YouTube channel.

Lewis even got to perform at the MLK Gala back in January.

His wife, Chelsea Jackson Lewis, tells 12News that people are beginning to connect with Lewis' music.

"Dono is not like these other cats around here, he's different and he's doing something better," she said. "His words, it actually means something and his music actually means something."

Whether a shooting, an accident, or an event that leads to a possible divide between people, Lewis has one simple message to his city. 

"I welcome anyone to join me, that's the plan," Lewis said. "We got to clean the streets up, make a better way for our youth because the youth is our future and if we got them in the right direction, then the world will be a better place." 

Lewis said he plans to release new music soon.