The voters of Orange County have rejected a proposed hospital district. Over 5,000 early votes were cast and 7,597 total were cast. Only about 16 percent of voters supported the district, while an overwhelming 83 percent voted against the proposal.

If passed residents would have been taxed about 18 cents per 100 dollar valuation on taxable property. That would have translated to roughly $180 a year on a $100,000 home.

However, it would also have served as a right of way for a government or private sector hospital to come into Orange. With the ending of most services at Baptist Orange Hospital, Orange County residents have been left without many medical services. They are now forced to drive to Beaumont or Lake Charles.

If Orange County residents are in need of immediate care Neighbors and Golden Triangle Emergency Centers are available to orange residents.Right now, people in dire emergencies are taken by ambulance to Beaumont or Port Arthur hospitals.