ORANGE COUNTY, Texas — A two week-long event happening in Orange County is not meant to be a trick, instead a treat for Veterans.

If someone has a warrant out for their arrest, they have a chance to come clean. For two weeks starting November 4, those with a class C misdemeanor can go before a judge to erase bench warrants off your record. Traffic tickets, disorderly conduct criminal trespassing are just a few of the many violations that qualify.  Veterans need to bring their ID and proof of income if they would like to qualify for a reduced fine or court fee.

"We want to have a chance to honor our veterans on one hand. And from a court prospective it is about getting people into court and letting them see that the court is just more than you coming in and paying your tickets, taking your money and sending people to jail. That is not what we are all about,"chief clerk of Vidor Municipal Court, Kartina Smith said.

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Bridge City, the City of Vidor, Justice of the Peace precincts two and four, and the Orange County District Attorney's office are all participating.

"Makes some deals, get some community service and just get a little bit of help. Our veterans have really helped us in the past so we need to do something for them and that's what we are going to do," Krispen Walker,  an assistant district attorney in Orange County said.

If you attend the event in Vidor on November 12 there will also be veteran's service organization in addition to the amnesty event.