Resources, like food, blankets, and hot coffee are available at two Orange County churches during this cold snap.

Rose City Baptist Church and Harmony Baptist Church in Vidor have opened their doors as shelters to people who need shelter.

Patrick Edwards and his wife Patty found shelter at Rose City Baptist Church on Tuesday after facing the frigid conditions in the open.

"We were still out in the cold, and then we said, well we'll consider staying over here so someone brought us over here. And I'll tell you it's a big change from being out in the woods," Edwards said.

So far, they're some of the few people who have taken shelter at a place outside of the Salvation Army shelter set up in Orange.

Despite the low number of people, Pastor Doug Bray is staying positive.

"We know they're out there, we just need them to have the courage to come. A lot of people don't want to leave their homes right now. A person told me if I leave I'm scared I'll come back to nothing," Bray said.

Edwards feels grateful that he gets a rare bit of warmth and a place to lay his head.

"These people here, they're a blessing. I mean that's also just showing you the true faith of Jesus Christ right here," Edwards said.

Both pastors say their churches will remain open as shelters as long as the cold weather continues this week.