Almost three months since Harvey, several homes in Port Arthur remain in the cleanup phase.

Volunteer Brenda Fass from Arizona said the images of Harvey on T.V. is what drove her to come down to Southeast Texas.

“I started out working on a home, gutting out, went in and tore out all the wet sheet rock and installation.” Fass said.

On Tuesday, volunteers were working on a home in Port Arthur on 34th street. The owner and her family have been staying at a hotel ever since Harvey.

Operation Blessing Vice-President of U.S. Disaster Relief and Programs, Jody Gettys, said the organization is in need of more volunteers.

“The only way we can respond quickly is through volunteers from all over the country that come and help us and these residents because we have a small team.” Gettys said.

Larry Moore drove 17 hours from New Mexico and arrived this week to make disaster relief his mission.

“I think every little bit makes a huge difference.” Moore said.

Operation Blessing volunteers will meet in Port Arthur again on Wednesday to surprise two Southeast Texas families affected by Harvey.