Bad news for those in need of heart care in Orange County, the only cardiologist is closing his doors.

Doctor Miguel Castellanos says he is a doctor left without a hospital after Baptist stopped overnight stays.

"Professionally, it has been very frustrating, but that is the least of the problems," Dr. Castellanos says.

"It has been tough for a lot of the citizens of Orange County, especially for patients that have difficulty in traveling or no insurance," he says.

Baptist Hospital in Orange closed the inpatient center in 2015, and then the emergency room back in January of this year.

Castellanos says that it's something that was really vital for the over 2 thousand patients he would see regularly.

"Since then, the ability to take care of patients has become very difficult," he explains.

Affecting those who have used the Baptist facility in Orange like Jesse Gregg.

"It's not a good feeling," Gregg says.

"It can put a person in a serious jeopardy in several different ways," he exclaims.

"That's the real tragedy of this situation, a lot of people will be without adequate health care," Castellanos says.

And while the beats of the office are being cut short, Castellanos hopes someone steps up in caring for the community in Orange.

"I want to read or visit and see the city have a brand new hospital," he says.

Castellanos tells us he hopes to donate some of his equipment possibly leaving behind a piece of his 26 years of hard work in Orange County.