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Southeast Texas officials stress importance of correct road naming, address numbers

The Southeast Texas Regional Planning Committee says accurate addressing is important for an effective 911 emergency response.

BEAUMONT, Texas — If you experience a crime, your first call is typically 911. But what if your address is wrong and dispatchers can't figure out where you are?

Your house number and street address are two things you'll give a dispatcher within the first few minutes of an emergency call.

“Just try to be as clear as possible. At least know what general street or 100 blocks that you're on,” said Cassandra Scott.

Scott is the dispatcher supervisor with Southeast Texas Regional Planning Committee. She said accurate addressing is important for an effective 911 emergency response.

“I mean, for safety, I mean, if you need help if you're trying to help someone, we need to get the police ambulance or fire there as quick as possible,” Scott said.

Pete De La Cruz is the director of the 911 program. This program covers Jefferson, Orange, Hardin and Jasper counties.

“In each of the cities and each of the counties, there are rules in place that encourage the public to post house numbers or business numbers in a visible location,” De La Cruz said.

De La Cruz said your house number should be visible and flow in a logical and consistent manner.

“You know all the even numbers are on one side all the numbers are all on the opposite side,” De La Cruz said. “And that just helps our emergency responders to locate that you know, the situation quickly.”

With over 900,000 calls a year De La Cruz said they want to make sure each call counts.

“We want to ensure that the public is served and protected by the emergency services,” De La Cruz said.

Scott said not only are you helping first responders but your neighbor.

“I would say just having a correct address, you know, we can get help there in that call and get to the next person that may be calling 911 for some type of medical or police assistance,” Scott said.

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