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Officials say leak found, stopped Monday at TPC plant as 'evacuation-only' claims deadline approaches

A 'high number' of evacuation claims have already been settled

PORT NECHES, Texas — Officials say a leak was found inside the fence line of the TPC Group facility Monday, a little more than six weeks after the Port Neches plant exploded.

The leak caused elevated levels of VOCs in the air inside the fence line. The source of the leak was quickly found and 'mitigated' according to a news release from Port Neches Response Unified Command. The all-clear was given around 2 p.m. 

The company is continuing to remove material from the plant by barge, rail and pipeline. 

TPC is also letting residents know that the 'evacuation-only' claims process will close by Monday, January 20. A 'high number' of evacuation claims have already been settled according to the release. The TPC Group Community Assistance Helpline operates 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week. Residents can call the Community Assistance Helpline at 866.601.5880.  

Air monitoring is continuing, and air sampling activity is happening at the facility and around the community. Samples show no 'actionable levels of butadiene' according to the release. 

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Port Arthur, Texas - Unified Command, including TCEQ, TPC Group and Jefferson County Office of Emergency Management, reports that response efforts at TPC Group Port Neches Operations remain focused on safely bringing the event to an end. Response efforts continue to focus on activities to secure site equipment and minimize impact to environment, while preserving the safety of emergency responders and the community.

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