A Beaumont nurse on her way home tried to help a man killed in a fatal auto-pedestrian accident on Highway 90.

Linda Roberts, a registered nurse, and Kesha Devault were stopped by worker asking for help in an accident.

Roberts says she found a man who was underneath a truck.

"I got up to him, he was losing a lot of blood from different areas, but I noticed that his, neck, back and leg was broken. There was no response from him, I assessed him, I checked his pulse but there was no pulse," Roberts said.

According to a press release from the Texas Department of Public Safety, the crash occurred near CR 106 on Highway 90 just east of Devers.

Devault shared what convoy workers told her at the scene of the accident.

"He [the worker] was going to put some reflectors on the work truck, and the guy he was riding with stated that the other work truck was speeding so fast and hit him," Devault said.

Devault says it's a tragedy that can be prevented.

"If you see construction work going on, please slow down, because you are putting those people's lives in jeopardy and in danger and they have family that's depending on them to come home," Devault said.

Roberts says she has assisted several crash victims. She says Tuesday’s accident was gruesome.

"I do feel my heart is heavy, and I feel sad for what I saw and I feel sad for the family," Roberts said.

According to the DPS press release, the crash investigation is in its early stages and additional details will be released as information is confirmed.