Several North Vidor residents are taking legal action against the Army Corps of Engineers
claiming the release of water from Dam B during Harvey led to property damage.

The Bernsen law firm is representing over 80 families and individuals in the Wexford park neighborhood.

One of the residents named Robert Smith said he is slowly recovering after Harvey flood waters devastated the home he’s lived in for 18 years.

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“It’s terrible, I’m living in my office right now it’s terrible, I have to go to my brother’s house to take a shower,” said Smith.

Attorney Cade Bernsen said the main argument in the lawsuit is the 5th amendment, which protects property owners from the government coming and taking property without providing just compensation.

He argues the Army Corps of Engineers owes money to property owners because water released from Dam B damaged several of the homes in Wexford park.

"It’s going to be tough, it’s going to be a tough battle but it’s one that needs to be fought and we are going to do it," said Bernsen.

Bernsen said the evidence in the case will show that the damage to Wexford Park could have been prevented if water from Dam B was not released.

Smith hopes this lawsuit will give everyone closure in the neighborhood after Harvey.

"They destroyed us, they destroyed our property I had this house paid for but now I have nothing paid for," said Smith.