Eric Ardoin is a homeowner and business owner who battled homelessness and drug addiction for several years.

He calls some people still living underneath Interstate 10 and Martin Luther King Parkway in Beaumont his brothers. Ardoin stopped by to drop off firewood to provide some warmth for winter.

"It's brutal, I've been actually homeless in Oregon. And it was brutal, the winter was harsh, so it's not quite like down here but we've got the humidity involved and, we've got a rough week coming," Ardoin said.

A rough week of low temperatures inspired these men and women to give supplies to those who need it most.

Representatives from the Pause Network, Terrie Salter from Orange City Council, Autumn Brown from the Southeast Texas Civilian Taskforce and Dewayne Evans with the Black United Fund all donated supplies to many homeless people around Southeast Texas.

Martin Simms, with the Pause Network believes it's important to help those who may not have a warm place to sleep.

"People are very appreciative of what we do, when we help out this is pretty much a year-long thing. As you can see it's the last day of 2017. We did some stuff during Hurricane Harvey and we haven't stopped,” Simms said.

Ardoin is hopeful that this will continue to inspire others to help when they can.

"If you can get in here and get on the front lines of this, you'll see just how bad it really is in Beaumont, Port Arthur, surrounding areas. Any city, any town has got these people struggling like this," Ardoin said.

The group plans on helping other homeless people as the cold weather persists throughout the week.