A new outdoor attraction comes to Beaumont, the new Cattail Marsh scenic wetlands boardwalk is now open to the public.

The natural habitat located inside the gates of Tyrrell Park features more than 200 different types of animals.

“I’ve been bird watching since I was a little kid,” says Gary Kelly, birdwatcher from the city of Orangefield.

The city of Beaumont along with the Beaumont Convention Visitors Bureau opened the doors to the new Cattail Marsh Boardwalk.

Kelly believes it’s a great thing for the city of Beaumont to take advantage of their natural facilities.

The boardwalk stretches 520 feet into the most active habitat.

It has 2 pavilions to offer visitors a shaded area to enjoy the weather outside the heat.

CVB Director of tourism Elizabeth Eddins says the marsh is home to the Gambusha fish, which eats mosquito larva.

“The wetland is the only place you won't feel mosquitos in Southeast Texas,” says Eddins.

The CVB says nature tourism generates about $6.5 billion dollars annually along the Gulf Coast, and this park will help bring tourists to the city.

”This boardwalk is really providing our visitors a new way to see the birds of Southeast Texas.” Says Eddins.

A giving those like Kelly an opportunity to capture the outside beauty of nature.

Different bird species are expected to land along the lanks of Cattail Marsh, depending on the season.

Here’s a look of the various birds you might see if you decide to take a stroll down Cattail Marsh Boardwalk.