CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Parents are now able to drop off their little ones at preschool, but school days are a lot different than they used to be.

Kainee Bram is the owner of My Preschool and Child Development Center. She said when the shutdown first happened, many of her students dropped out. As parents lost jobs, they simply couldn't afford preschool. Fortunately, as businesses reopen, her kids are coming back into the classroom.

"We found out more of our parents were essential employees," Bram said. 

There are new regulations in place to keep everyone safe and healthy. Hand washing and sanitizing at the entrance is a must. There are also limits on who enters the facility.

"Parents are not allowed in centers now, unless it's deemed necessary," Bram said. 

Health screenings have increased up as well. 

"Anyone in the family group, if they have a fever, the child cannot stay," Bram added.

Bram said all of these new practices are now standard procedures at her preschool campuses. Safety is their priority. 

"Dealing with this virus, what we've had to do, we're just going to keep doing, even when all this is under control one day," Bram said. "We're all praying things get back to our new normal. We're going to keep implementing those procedures to keep the children safe."

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