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New safe haven in Orange helping Southeast Texas victims of domestic violence

"Domestic violence is an emergency."

ORANGE, Texas — October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and one woman in Orange is making it her mission to provide a safe haven for women and children who are in danger.

From the beatings she endured, to the loss of a child and homelessness, the effect domestic violence had on Brenice Morciglio Lecea inspired the creation of a safe haven for women and children in Latin and underserved communities.

"Domestic violence is an emergency," Lecea said.

It’s a fear she understands.

“I help them locate an apartment that fits their budget,” Lecea said. “I help them with job training, help them with building their resume, and putting in applications, motivating them and empowering them that, that they're going to be okay."

A domestic violence survivor who didn’t want her identity revealed said her ex-husband would hit and poison her, which is a fear she lived with every single day.

"He isolated me from my family, my kids, my friends, the whole world,” the survivor said. “He had me in my own jail. I couldn’t leave. I couldn’t go to the store to get what I needed. I always had to be under his watch."

The fact that she couldn’t speak English was her biggest battle

"They couldn’t understand me, and there were never any Hispanic officers,” the survivor said. “My ex-husband would just tell them anything, and they would leave."

With Lecea’s help, she made it out alive and has words for those who need a guiding light out of their darkness.

"For anyone in my position, I would simply tell them to look for help, to leave, get out, please leave, because there are so many people, women, who don’t make it out,” Lecea said.

A Voice for Hope is in need of donations. The need is great to help victims get away from their abusers. Lecea wants to purchase a building to house women and children for a safe place to stay. You can donate now here.

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