Evidence of an expanding housing market can be seen in different areas around Beaumont. Developers are tapping into new areas and building onto existing subdivisions.

Jim Goff moved from Zachary, Louisiana to Beaumont three weeks ago after getting a new job.

Goff believes his home along Bonner Drive is in an ideal location.

“Ten minutes out, we can be in the mix of everything, and ten minutes back we can be out here in the solace of quietness,” Goff said.

That quiet community feeling is drawing many new residents to the area.

The City of Beaumont provided documents to 12 News show that 26 homes will be developed in Deerfield by next year.

Areas that could see potential development include:

  • 34 proposed lots at Dishman and Keith Road
  • 16 lots near Claybourn Drive
  • 39 lots near Alexis Street
  • 19 lots near Gerald Drive
  • 9 tracts of land near Pine Island Levee Road
  • 26 lots near Bonner Drive
  • 21 lots near LaBelle Road and FM 365
  • 16 lots near Willow Bend Drive

Planning and Community Development director Chris Boone says the housing market demand is seeing an increase.

"I would estimate we have at least a couple hundred lots that maybe weren't on the market a couple years ago but are now on the market," Boone said.

"We want our population to grow we want our city to grow, so anytime we see demand for existing homes to go up and for new homes to go up, that's a good thing," Boone said.

Goff also believes it’s good to see construction down the street.

"It is one of the appeals is new construction that we saw in our new neighborhood developing, it's the opportunity to grow with the neighborhood," Goff said.

Boone says that many of the homes could be built by next year.