An eight-hour day of dancing is what Kamryn Bell’s schedule consists of. The 15-year-old trains professionally with the Houston Ballet, a lifetime opportunity she did not want to pass.

But the rigorous training takes up a lot of time and still being in high school, Kamryn had to find a way to juggle her dancing and education, so she decided to earn her diploma online.

Kamryn is a student at a public school called Texas Connections Academy.

“I actually prefer doing it online because I can go in my own pace and I contact the teachers and they are really helpful.” She said.

The school is just like a traditional brick and mortar school. The only difference is that students can attend from home or wherever they are using the internet.

In Kamryn’s case, she takes her laptop everywhere she goes without any use of text books.

“It follows the curriculum that she was used to. The Texas state curriculum and Houston Independent School more specifically.” said Kristi Bell, Kamryn’s mother.

Each student is given his/her own learning plan. At the beginning of the year, they are tested and based on those results they are given their curriculum.

This allows them to be taught to their own needs and abilities.

“I bring it to ballet some days to do it in between breaks.” Kamryn explained.

Even with a hectic schedule, Kamryn maintains good grades and plans on still earning A’s this upcoming 2017-2018 school year as a high school sophomore.

“My goal one day, I want to be a professional dancer with the Houston Ballet Academy and travel with them, dance with them until I can’t anymore.” She said.

Texas Connections Academy is for students 3rd-12th grades.

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