NEDERLAND, Texas — A Nederland family is relieved after their missing service dog was brought home on Tuesday. 

On Tuesday, 12News aired the story of Josie, whose family believed she may have been taken out of their fenced in yard. 

Tristie Burge, the dog's owner, said Josie was brought home by a man around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. 

Missing Josie

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She said she went inside to cook dinner and 10 minutes later Josie was gone.

The family and some neighbors spent several hours on Father's Day looking for Josie in the neighborhood around Luling Avenue to find the missing dog.

Josie is in training to become a service dog for Burge's son, Wyatt.

You may recognize Wyatt from previous 12News stories. Wyatt suffers from multiple health issues.

According to Burge, Josie was diagnosed with parvo at the beginning of June.

Her veterinarian did not expect her to survive but Josie did. It's something similar to what doctor's told Burge about her son, Wyatt.

"Her survival wasn't likely but she beat the odds, just like Wyatt. Just like he did," said Burge