Tyler Blount started brewing beer in his garage five years ago with a home brew kit that he bought from eBay. Now he is the co-owner of the brand new Neches Brewing Company. After years of doing what he considered a hobby Blount finally felt he was able to share what he loved doing with others.

"After five years of brewing beer nonstop, we finally decided that we could this a business," said Blount. "So we put things into motion and here we are with a brew pub."

Located on Port Neches Avenue, this microbrewery is the only one in Southeast Texas. Even with that unique distinction Blount and his business partner David Pool are continuing to try and stay ahead of the curve.

"We are trying to just come up with new styles," said Blount. "Keep things interesting and make this a place for Southeast Texas."

People have already taken notice

"Lazy Sunday. I figured I would come over here. I'm really pleased with the results so far," said Wesley Gifford, a Port Neches resident.

As unique as Neches Brewing Company is, they still like to keep it simple.

"Nothing is better than a good cold beer, live music, and good food," said Blount, with a smile on his face.