BEAUMONT — Work has begin on removing the old signs from the recently renamed Beaumont ISD stadium.

The BISD Memorial Stadium was officially renamed this past year from it's original moniker, the "Beaumont ISD Carrol A. 'Butch' Thomas Educational Support Center."

Work to remove the old name from the stadium began this past week following the end of football season according to the Beaumont Independent School District.

The $28,050 cost to remove the old name from both sides of the press box was funded by two anonymous $25,000 donations according to the news release.

The district will not incur any cost to change the signs on the press box, the release said.

A spokesperson for BISD said they don't have an estimate on the total amount the project will cost yet. If the project exceeds the 50,000 dollar donations, their financial team will come up with a plan and communicate it.

Beaumont City Council member Mike Getz presented a $25,000 check representing donations from local businesses at the BISD board meeting on October 18, 2018 Getz told 12News on Thursday.

In September 2018 Getz also submitted another $25,000 to the district that was raised from local businesses he told 12News.

Both Getz and Geary Seniguar have been on oposite sides of the debate since the beginning. Getz said a lot of people were dissatisfied with the name of the former superintendent being on the stadium.

"I'm glad to see the school board and the board of managers has come up with an idea that can put the past behind us and help unite the community," said Getz.

Seniguar, however, feels the name change will do the exact opposite. He said for the black community, the name is more than just a name.

"It's time for people to speak up and stand up against racism and bigotry," said Seniguar.

From a Beaumont ISD news release...

In an effort to bridge divisions within the Beaumont community, the Beaumont ISD Board approved renaming the stadium to BISD Memorial Stadium at its regularly scheduled meeting on August 16, 2018.

The renaming of the stadium will honor current and former high schools and their alumni.

In support of this effort, the BISD Board also approved the establishment of an annual BISD Alumni Bowl football game and celebration.

Following the conclusion of the regular football season and playoff games, work began this week to change the name at the stadium.

The cost to remove the current name from both sides of the press box building totals $28,050.

Thanks to two anonymous donations of $25,000 each, the district will not incur any cost.

Upon completion of the district’s procurement process, local company Setex Construction was selected to perform the job.

Attached please view the stadium signage replacement timeline.