JEFFERSON COUNTY, Texas — Like most mothers, Vivian Winfrey says her children are her world.

She and her youngest son, Charlie Fontenot, had their own special morning routine.

"He'd get up every morning, five o'clock in the morning, he'd come in here, and I'd be fixing coffee, and he'd say, 'Mama, I love you, I have to work until such and such time today," Winfrey said. 

She didn't know she would soon be hearing that "I love you" for the last time.

Monday, March 4, Charlie was killed in a car accident. Texas DPS reported the accident happened near McCall Road in Jefferson County. 

Investigators on scene said he struck a guardrail and landed in a canal. The car landed on the passenger side, trapping Charlie in the car.

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The father of five later died in the hospital.

"He'd come in in the evening, dog tired from working. He'd always come in my room, plop down on my bed and say, 'Oh God, mama, I am so tired, but how was your day?' That's just how he was."

Now, his family is left with just his memory.

His mother says he loved slingshotting. "He just kind of lived for that," she said. 

Winfrey said her son loved helping others, and now, that love is being returned to his family.

The Winnie community is stepping up to help his family financially. A fundraiser to raise money to help the family pay unexpected expenses.

FUNDRAISER | Click here to find out how to donate

Winfrey said times have been tough, and money will be tight after his untimely death.

" He loved everybody," she said. "There's a lot of friends out there that love him too, and I want them to know how much we love them and thank them for all the prayers."