Kandis Griffis says this past Entergy bill is the highest she has ever received. Griffis is a mother of seven and says her electric bill can run anywhere from $300 to $350 each month. For the month of October her bill reached $1,194. The Silsbee mother fears if the company makes her pay the bill, she will lose her power.

"Unless God intervenes, which I know he takes care of us and he will. That they would end up having to cut it off, cause there is no way that I could pay that."

12News Reporter Kelsey Johnson reached out to Entergy and they said there are several factors that are at play and can cause a high electric bill. One possible reason is that there is something wrong with the meter at your home. Also with the recent natural disaster, Tropical Storm Harvey, it can cause issues with people’s bills. Entergy says these issues are a case by case basis and they want to work with their customers on resolving the issues.

If you have any questions about your bill log on to Entergy’s website:
Also, you can give them a call at 1-800-Entergy and ask to be directed to the “flood desk.”

Reporter Kelsey Johnson also reached out to Entergy in regards to Kandis’ bill and right before our 6PM newscast, Griffis send a picture of an Entergy truck in her driveway. They were out inspecting her meter hoping to resolve her problem.