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Mother-daughter duo working together to care for patients at Beaumont hospital

This Mother’s Day weekend, we're introducing you to one special mother-daughter duo at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth.

BEAUMONT, Texas — They're a dynamic duo working together to help Southeast Texas heal.

This Mother’s Day weekend and we're introducing you to one special mother-daughter duo at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth.

"I think it's awesome to work with my children at work," said Donna Gonzalez, a nurse at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth.

Gonzalez has been a nurse at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth for 33 years. She's also a mother of three.

"And all three of my children are nurses," Gonzalez said.

For 16 years, she's worked alongside her youngest daughter, Dana Hebert.

"I have big shoes to fill,” Hebert said. “I’ve got to live up to the expectations to be as good of a nurse as she is.”

Hebert said she's learned from the best.

"I’ve watched her be a nurse my entire life,” Hebert said. “She worked 16-hour shifts all the time. she's instilled in all of us a great work ethic."

But Mother’s Day is not always nice to nurses.

"There's a lot of times, we don't have family functions together because we're always working opposite of each other," Gonzalez said.

So, it's tough to find family time but mom is quick to share the love.

"I’m very proud to be a mom having all her kids follow her footsteps. I have a granddaughter who's going to be a nurse also, so it's going to go to another generation," Gonzalez said.

She never pushed her children to become nurses.

"If you're going to be a nurse and you’re doing it because it’s an easy paycheck, you better find another profession," Gonzalez said.

They have done it for a different reason.

"Our job is not so easy. You have to love people,” Gonzalez said. You have to love everybody because nursing comes from the heart. It’s not about a job. It’s not about a paycheck. It's about the heart."

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