A parent is expressing fears about an incident at Parkdale Mall involving her daughter. She says the girl was in great danger when a man started following her and then exposed himself.

The mother posted what happened on social media and wrote:

"As she was leaving the store, she noticed a man following her, so she hurriedly got into her car and locked her doors. He got to her and started beating on her windows while yanking on her door handle. He also exposed himself to her. She got out of there very quickly, panicked and upset."

The post getting hundreds of shares on Facebook. Beaumont Police said they did receive a phone call Sunday about a suspicious person outside Parkdale Mall. They explained that when an officer got there, he was not able to locate anyone. But then, a second call came in.

"About 35 minutes later we received a call about a hit and run. In those notes, the caller said police were looking for this person because he had exposed himself to someone." Officer Haley Morrow said.

According to investigators, a police report was not filed by the woman who posted about the incident on Facebook.

For Shareese Morgan, who was at the bus stop near the mall, she told 12News she will now take heed and be more aware.

"I like to stay on the phone because it just gives that extra security for me you know. I see lots of security around so its fine." Morgan said.

12News spoke to the parent who made the post, she says her daughter is safe and will be filing a police report on Wednesday.