ORANGE, Texas — Since 2013, the Orange Confederate Monument built by the Sons of Confederate Veterans has faced virtually constant controversy.

Jeremy Parzen and his wife Traci are the founders of the group, They hope the Sons of Confederate Veterans will re-purpose the site.

"The support has been overwhelmingly positive," Parzen said.

Parzen said they've raised more than a thousand dollars on Friday through a GoFundMe campaign. The money will be used to pay for one month of advertising on a billboard.

They want the billboard on display during Martin Luther King Jr. day and African American history month. It will be the group's second time putting up this message. The first time they displayed the message was in November 2018. 

In addition to the billboard, Parzen said the group plans to keep protesting. 

"We want show our support against this because it offends some people," Parzen said. 

The group said they plan to have the billboard up this weekend.