A Nederland pastor is coming to the aid of his church members burned out of their home.

The Port Neches Fire Department believes disposed fireworks may have caused the fire at the Merriman Street home.

Francis Schroeder knew the family that lived in this home for fourteen years.

He provided comfort to the Prioux family both night and day after a fire totaled their home.

"I spoke to Erin this morning, she's a family that always loves to give, they want to give and have to give. They show their giving in many ways. They want to help others as well. So now it's quite a different situation when they're on the receiving end of the getting," Schroeder said.

Pastor Francis says he plans on gathering supplies for the family once their needs are assessed.

"I'm very grateful for our community, always willing to step up. Mid and South County has always been the best here in this part of God's creation. People are always willing to say what can we do to help," Schroeder said.

The Port Neches Fire Department says used fireworks in a paper bag in the garage is believed to be where the fire began.

They have ruled out a space heater as the cause of the fire, according to Fire Chief Paul Nelson. The fire leaves Schroeder and others in a position to help a family without a home.

"In the midst of it, we always find hope in that situation as well. That's what the Lord gives us and that's what we want to share," Schroeder said.

The Prioux family is staying with relatives while their home is considered a total loss.